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Welcome to North Light Media. Do you need to get more from your website to market your product or service? We specialize in helping you do just that by handling the tasks for you or assisting you as needed to do it yourself. Want to learn how to design and maintain your website? We can help you do just that. North Light has the tools to help you better manage your website to achieve your goals.

We start by offering world-class hosting with 24/7 online support when you need it. Our support team can respond in minutes, not days. Don’t know what questions to ask? We can be your lifeline to accomplish your goals or recover from problems related to your website.

 Next, we can help you improve your website traffic through organic search engine optimization.  Revise or create content to better market your product to your new website visitors.  Learn more about using keywords that your customers are searching with.  Better understand what they need and how they can find you to create that relationship you are selling.

Do you already have a website? If you would like us to host it for you, we’ll move it to our servers for free, unless you are using a company that uses a proprietary content management system that will not allow you to move your site to another server. In that case, you don’t own your website. You are stuck and are limited to whatever your current hosting provider offers. If so, we will discuss your options and help you develop a solution.
Qualified Team
Our team can help you to keep your business marketing on track.
Our servers and support team are ready when you are with 24/7 support.
Maximum Benefits
You can grow your website as you see fit with upgrades and services you need without hiring extra staff to maintain your digital marketing tools.
Large Savings
Included are products and services other companies charge extra for your use.

Are you ready to join us?

We are your go-to source for digital support.  Please let us know if you have questions.

Everything you need in one place

Ok, maybe not in one place.  We have team members located all over the planet  But rest assured, they are someplace, and not in cyberspace.  I'm sure that makes you happy.

Together we can do more!

350 Ward Ave. Suite 106
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
United States